• July 24-Aug 18: Categorical Data Analysis at ICPSR Summer Program, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Aug 23-24: Workshop with Center for Digital Health Innovations at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switz.
  • Aug 24: Guest Lecture, Psychology Department at ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switz. 
  • Aug 28-Sept 1: GSERM Categorical Data Analysis at University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slov.
  • Sept 7-9: Society for Implementation Research Collaboration, Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Oct 4-5: Michigan's Premier Public Health Conference, Mackinac Island, MI




    I am currently a post-doctoral research associate in Susan Murphy's Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab, based in the Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. I also work as a Senior Statistician with the Department of General Medicine, in the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation at the Univeristy of Michigan Medical School, and am an affiliate of the Veterans Affairs Center for Clinical Management Research

    My research career has focused on three broad topics: (1) models of change, and especially organizational and social change; (2) inequality, and particularly the interplay between social policy, social organization, and patterns of inequality; and (3) the importance of context, especially to the extent it ameliorates or exacerbates other social divisions. These questions currently guide my work in three substantive areas:


    My work with the Murphy lab currently centers on the development and optimization of adaptive interventions, and specifically the impact of social context and/or organizational culture on behavioral or organizational change. The Murphy lab provides expertise for investigators interested in designing adaptive interventions, notably through the use of sequential, mutliple-assignment randomized trials (SMARTs). If you are interested in brainstorming or designing a SMART trial, please get in touch. As an extension of SMARTs, I am also involved with current development of 'just-in-time' adaptive interventions. I am currently Co-Investigator on HeartSteps, an NIH-funded just-in-time adaptive intervention aimed at developing mobile support for patients transitioning out of cardiovascular rehab. 


    I also have a strong interest in implementation and dissemintation of policy and 'best practice.' In an effort to advance effecive and efficient uptake of evidence-based practice, I am currently working on a project designed to extend the patient-focused adaptive intervention framework to organizational and policy settings. ADEPT, the first cluster-randomized SMART study aimed at informing the development of adaptive implementation studies is currently in the field.  


    In the Division of General Medicine, my work centers on policy evaluation, particularly with respect to patient safety, value-based purchasing, and health inequality. I am currently working with Dr. Jennifer Meddings and colleagues to evaluate the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program implemented under the Affordable Care Act. With Dr. Vineet Chopra, I am also pursuing work aimed at identifying organizational determinants of appropriate use of peripherally-inserted central catheters (PICCs).  


    My doctoral work was in Sociology at Indiana University. Prior to IU, I received a B.A. from the University of Kansas and an M.Phil. in Sociology from Oxford University. My dissertation examined fair employment regulation in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, examining differences in policy 'on the books,' as implemented at the firm-level, and as they relate to structural ethno-racial inequalities in each country. This work builds on my previous work with Tim Bartley on the development of transnational organizational fields, as well as my work with Anthony Heath on cross-national ethnic penalties.  

    From 2007 to 2009, I served as a methodological consult for the Kinsey Institute's International Survey of Relationships. Additionally, for the past six years I have been involved in teaching Categorical Data Analysis at the University of Michigan's ICPSR Summer Program.  

    In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new international locales, peaty single-malts & lots of college basketball [rock chalk, Jayhawk!]. I also volunteer as a Community Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters & work as an advocate for Jana's Campaign in memory of a wonderful friend. 

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